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How your HVAC company in Switzerland benefits from our ERP and mobile solution

ERP for HVAC companies
ERP for HVAC companies

In Switzerland's dynamic and competitive HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) industry, efficiency and rapid responsiveness are critical to success. Our ERP solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, combined with our innovative mobile app for service, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of HVAC companies.


Digital transformation: From paperwork to real-time data processing

The challenges that HVAC companies face are many: complex projects, demanding customer requirements and the constant pressure to work more efficiently. By implementing our ERP system, these challenges can be overcome by digitizing and automating manual processes. This allows your technicians and service advisors to leave paperwork behind and instead access and update live data directly on site.


Mobile access: revolution in field operations

Our mobile app for service changes the way your technicians work in the field. It enables access to customer data, work orders and inventory lists in real time, directly from the smartphone or tablet. This means that work reports, material usage and time tracking can be instantly captured digitally and fed into the central system, significantly improving efficiency on site and data accuracy.


Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction

The benefits of digital transformation are extensive:


  • Time savings: Automating routine tasks significantly reduces the time spent on administrative activities.

  • Error reduction: The direct digital capture of data minimizes errors that can occur during manual entry.

  • Improved customer communication: With quick access to all relevant information, your employees can handle customer inquiries more effectively, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

  • Optimized processes: Central data management ensures smooth processes and improved collaboration between teams.

A renowned HVAC company from Switzerland has already experienced the benefits of our ERP and mobile solution. By digitizing its processes, the company was able to increase its efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen its market position in the competitive HVAC industry.


Scalability and adaptability

A key aspect of our ERP solution is its scalability. The system grows with your business and adapts flexibly to changes. This is especially important in the HVAC industry, where technologies and market requirements can change quickly. The ability to add new features or adapt existing processes without having to rework the entire system represents a significant competitive advantage.


Sustainability and environmental protection

In today's world, awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is more important than ever. Our ERP system helps to drastically reduce paper consumption and thus make a positive contribution to environmental protection. In addition, efficient resource planning and management enables more sustainable business practices that not only save costs but also underline your company's environmental awareness.


Integration and networking

The integration of systems and the networking of devices play a crucial role in optimizing business processes. Our ERP system offers extensive possibilities for integration with other software solutions, IoT devices and smart technologies used in the HVAC industry. This networking enables unprecedented control and monitoring of equipment and systems, resulting in improved performance and greater energy efficiency.


Data security and compliance

The security of your data is a top priority in our ERP system. With the latest security mechanisms and regular updates, we ensure that your company data and that of your customers is protected at all times. The system also guarantees compliance with all relevant data protection regulations and standards, which is particularly important in the sensitive area of customer information.


Long-term partnership and continuous development

Implementing an ERP system is more than just a technology upgrade - it's the start of a long-term partnership between your HVAC company and our team. We understand that business needs and market conditions are constantly changing, and we're prepared to continually develop and improve our system. Our goal is to provide you with not just a software solution, but a service that moves your business forward through continuous innovation and support.


Training and support: We won’t leave you alone

Successfully implementing and using an ERP system requires more than just technical installation - it requires comprehensive training of your staff and a reliable support system. We offer detailed training programs and ongoing support to ensure your team can use the system to its full potential. Our experts are on hand to answer questions, solve problems and share best practices so you can fully benefit from our solution.


Insights and decision making

Our ERP system not only provides you with a data management tool, but also valuable insights into your business. Advanced analytics and customizable reports allow you to identify trends, analyze performance, and make informed decisions. This type of data intelligence is critical to making strategic decisions, increasing efficiency, and ultimately ensuring your business success.


The way forward: your company in the digital future

Digitalization is not a trend, but a necessity to remain competitive in today's fast-moving business world. With our ERP and mobile solution, you will be able to bring your HVAC company in Switzerland up to date with the latest technology and be prepared for the challenges of the future. Whether it's increasing efficiency, improving customer service or opening up new business opportunities, we offer you the tools and support you need to be successful.



The introduction of our ERP system and mobile app offers HVAC companies in Switzerland a unique opportunity to revolutionize their workflows, improve customer service and succeed in a highly competitive market. By automating processes, providing access to real-time data and enabling you to make informed decisions, you can set your company up for success. Our solution is more than just software - it is an enabler for the digital transformation of your company.


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and discover the numerous benefits our ERP system and mobile app can offer your HVAC company in Switzerland.

What is an ERP system and how can it support my HVAC company in Switzerland?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software solution designed to integrate and automate various business processes within a company. For HVAC companies in Switzerland, it provides a centralized platform for managing customer information, order processing, inventory, finances, and more, increasing efficiency and improving customer service.

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