Service-oriented companies

Satisfied customers are the guarantors for the economic success of every company. To achieve this goal, professional service management is indispensable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for service-oriented companies offers the possibility to efficiently capture all customer-relevant information along the entire process chain and to avoid multiple data capture. The service technician has access to all customer data important to him. With the mobile solution Mobile NAV, the service process in your company can be further optimized.

Automated contract management

With the integrated industry solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can easily and efficiently capture and manage all maintenance, servicing and service contracts. The periodic invoicing as well as the planning of recurring maintenance tasks can be triggered automatically.

Best service for the customer

Extensive customer and object data, integrated contract management, efficient ticket handling with clear resource planning and extended warehouse functions (such as technician/service vehicle/warehouse) support you in your daily business. This enables you to act more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction.


Erich von Holzen, Sales Manager
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Optimized resource planning and service processing

Integrated planning tools allow you to plan service technician assignments in a simple, customer- and contract-oriented way. Mobile access to customer data, order and warehouse systems increases efficiency in service processing, while mobile activity recording further accelerates your operating and invoicing processes.

Mobile NAV – Mobile data acquisition – online and offline

With MobileNAV you optimize your mobile Dynamics 365 solution and enable your service employees to have all relevant information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 available anywhere and at any time (online or offline) and to record their services directly. Your processes can be easily mapped with preconfigured solutions and simple configurability.


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