Andrea Wesiak celebrates her 8th anniversary at Logico

Why did you decide to work for Logico Solutions AG 8 years ago?

The friendly and uncomplicated reception at my first application appointment. Logico does not live hierarchies. Independent and autonomous work. Which allows me to fully live out my strengths.

What do you like so much about Logico Solutions AG that 8 years have already passed?

Logico allowed me over the years to expand my knowledge in finance and human resources and at the same time I could be there for my family as a mother. Logico is very family-friendly and responds to the personal needs of its employees, allowing for a good work/life balance.

If you had to create an advertising slogan for Logico, how would you describe Logico?

Live your dream and become part of our IT family.

How did you find out about the Logico job 8 years ago?

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What has been the best moment for you as the person responsible for financial personnel in the past 8 years?

I am always happy about the moments when I come into the office and the employees and the management are happy to see you. That there is always room for a few private words and that you become real as a person.

You have been working for Logico Solutions AG for 8 years as the person responsible for Finance & Human Resources. How can one imagine a typical working day for you?

I manage the entire financial accounting including all sub-ledgers. So my daily routine is filled with posting invoices and reconciling accounts. At the same time, I do personnel administration work and get to give my voice to the main number of the company with the support of a dear colleague.

What do you wish for Logico in the future?

That we remain such a successful and innovative company and that we as employees can continue to enjoy this success.